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May 11, 2021

Как теперь пользоваться Canva в России? Пошаговая инструкция | Как  оплатить: инструкции по оплате от сервиса-лидера "Плати Легко!" | Дзен

About The Case

For Canva, we undertook an ambitious project to localize their "Beginners 101" educational series for the Russian-speaking market. Recognizing the importance of tailored content for engaging new users, we created a series of video tutorials that were not only translated but culturally adapted to resonate with the audience. This localization effort enhanced user accessibility and understanding, significantly increasing Canva's engagement and user base in Russian speaking countries. This project demonstrates our expertise in producing educational content that meets the specific needs of a local audience while maintaining the global brand's integrity.

The Canva Challenge

Canva's challenge was to expand their reach and usability among the Russian-speaking audience, who were not fully benefiting from their "Beginners 101" educational series due to language and cultural barriers. The existing tutorials were highly effective globally but lacked the local touch needed to fully resonate with users in Russian speaking countries. Canva needed to overcome these barriers to enhance their educational impact and ensure their platform was as accessible and user-friendly for the Russian market as it is worldwide.

Our Solution

In response to Canva’s challenge, our solution was to strategically localize their "Beginners 101" series for the Russian-speaking audience. We meticulously adapted the content to align with cultural nuances and language preferences, ensuring that each tutorial was not only informative but also engaging and relatable. By integrating essential local contexts and idiomatic expressions, we succeeded in making Canva's educational resources more accessible and user-friendly.

The result of this careful localization was a significant increase in user engagement and conversion rates. More Russian-speaking users began using Canva effectively, evidenced by a marked uptick in active users and subscription conversions post-launch. This project not only broadened Canva's reach in the Russian market but also reinforced the importance of cultural adaptation in global digital education.

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