Harmonizing Innovation: A Successful Case with Microsoft

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July 22, 2022

Microsoft перестанет продлевать подписки корпоративным клиентам из России —  РБК

About The Case

For Microsoft, we collaborated on a project aimed at promoting the latest features of Microsoft Teams through the "What's New in Teams" blog. We produced a series of engaging video content, hosted by Aisha Miller, to highlight and explain these new updates. The videos were designed to be shared on LinkedIn, targeting professionals and corporate users who could benefit most from these enhancements.

Microsoft Challenge

Microsoft faced the challenge of effectively communicating complex and continuous updates of Microsoft Teams to a diverse professional audience. The goal was to ensure that both current and potential users understood and utilized the full range of new features, thereby improving their overall productivity and collaboration within the platform.

Our Solution

Our approach was to create a series of concise, informative, and visually engaging video tutorials presented by Aisha Miller, who could effectively bridge the gap between Microsoft’s technical content and the end users' needs. Each video was crafted to clearly outline the benefits and practical applications of the new features, making them easy to understand and adopt.

The videos were optimized for LinkedIn to maximize reach and engagement among professionals. This strategic choice ensured that the content was seen by the target audience at a time when they were most likely to be considering business solutions like Microsoft Teams.

The campaign successfully increased awareness and adoption of new features among Microsoft Teams users. Viewership data indicated higher engagement rates and positive feedback, demonstrating the effectiveness of the videos in enhancing user understanding and interest in Microsoft Teams updates.

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